Award winning design director with over 14 years experience
working in the print production and advertsing industry. Globally
worked in both the worlds of RGB and CMYK to deliver beautiful
and thought through designs for my clients needs. I enjoy
nurturing teams of all experiences, improving collaboration and
pushing boundaries to deliver exceptional results.

My expertise spans across the complete design spectrum,
encompassing art direction, branding, team building,
visual identity, retouching, visual mockups, UI, artworking
and strategic visual communication.


Design comes in all shapes and sizes, sometimes small designs for social and sometimes big print campaigns creating a unique looks and feel. I’ve photographed assets to be used online and print. I can turn your creative idea from a line drawing and headline into a mocked up design so the client really know what they’re buying.

Creative Direction

Visualisation & Retouching

Social Design

UI Design

Video Editing/Animation



As much as I would love for you to view every project I have ever worked on…or not.
Here is a small selection of work that covers a wide variation of projects from OOH to Social media animations.

Jaguar Design Studio Launch

Jaguar F-TYPE Social


Land Rover Evoque Launch

Kopparberg Urban Forest

Apple Product Launches

Defender Sticker Book

Ocean Outdoor Winner 2021

Land Rover Discovery Family DM

Land Rover Evoque Interactive DM

Tetley Tea Rebrand

Jaguar Family Social

Jaguar Reborn

JLR Email Overhaul

Prostate Cancer UK Design

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