Defender Sticker Book


With two body designs, six trim levels, seven exterior colours and
119 individual accessories, New Defender was the most customisable
Land Rover ever. The challenge was to cut complexity and help customers understand how to tailor the car to their lifestyle.

New Defender could be customised to meet any need. But the
pandemic caused huge disruption to prospects’ lives, driving them
constantly online and making them unable or unwilling to visit retailers.

How could they easily explore their perfect vehicle?
The answer was a direct mail ‘offline configurator’, to stimulate interest,
educate people about the different models and options available,
and help them overcome choice paralysis when they came to configure their car. Building their own New Defender would also leverage the ‘IKEA effect’, making them more invested in the purchasing process.

This absorbing direct mail pack generated significant renewed interest and led to 2,455 New Defender prospect enquiries –
a response rate of around 25%.

In total, 431 sales were prompted, generating an ROI of 514:1.
The pack also generated social buzz with customers hugely enjoying
its interactivity, and some customers requesting additional packs.